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Boarding Kennels

Large grass runs - Quiet peaceful location with plenty of room for exercise

Remember it is not only at holiday time that you can avail of the boarding kennels facilities. We can look after your pet while there are family events going on such as weddings, first communions, funerals etc. Bear in mind your pet may not feel comfortable with strangers or a crowd around the house. Your pet might also be happier with us while there is home renovation or redecorating being carried out.

Some of our customers also avail of our kennel facilities while they are going into hospital thereby allowing them to worry only about themselves and not their pet!

The kennel building is fully insulated and has red lamps as well as wall mounted heaters to keep guests warm and cosy on chilly nights!!

During the day the spacious grass runs are used to exercise larger dogs who enjoy stretching their legs and getting a work out in the fresh air. Smaller dogs can enjoy a walk on a traffic free country lane up through the fields. However, owners can advise what exercise they want their pet to have during their stay at Beatty's Boarding Kennel.

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